Destruction of expectations

Jansen, Michael - MetroMusic Moscow
Jansen, Michael - MetroMusic Moscow, ArtForum Editions


Dear friends of art,
access to the exhibition is  possible after prior notification and agreement under the relevant hygiene protection regulations. 

Art friends are welcome to  contact the Dettmer art projects team  via email  . Of course you can contact anytime as usual the Winter Foundation  by email.

We hope you enjoy the art show
and above all good health.

Michael Jansen challenges new ways of seeing

Essential works by the artist Michael Jansen (* 1951) are presented in the art salon of our cultural partner KunstStücke by Dettmer I art projects in Cologne. The small show offers the viewer a good overview of the artist's extensive work:
Signs (as drawings and reliefs), OptiMystic vitamins (diaphane colour worlds), artificial landscapes, colour field painting and photographs. Unknown signs appear spontaneously and varied as drawings or reliefs. His series of OptiMystic Vitamins and Artificial Landscapes appeal to our senses and psyche. Examples of his colour field painting invite to meditation and historical reflection. Finally, in his photographs, Jansen combines different motifs, digital processing and substances into a different subject. Jansen challenges the viewer to a new way of seeing and thus makes him a partner in his art conception.

The art salon of the lawyer and painter Jana Dettmer, Dettmer art projects Cologne, invites after successful Zolper-exhibition all estimated art lovers to participate an insight into the work of an artist, who is also known for his important impulses to contemporary art. It is important to remember to his collaboration i.a. with Joseph Beuys (room 3 / All German post-war poetry ...), John Cage, Marina Abramovicz, Mike Hentz, his cross-over installations (soundscape, weather projects) or his appearances during the Documenta Kassel exhibitions in 1983 and 93. The present exhibition becomes possible thanks to private donors and to loans from the Winter Foundation. Few works are available to support the project. A catalogue accompanies the exhibition (15 EUR).

Vernissage Cologne, Thursday, February 27, 2020, 6:30 p.m.
The vernissage will be accompanied with music by Jumana Hamandouche (clarinet) and Marion Mick (accordion).

Exhibition February 28 - extended until May 28, 2020.
KunstStücke by Dettmer art projects. Stammheimer Straße 15 (near Botanischer Garten), 50735 Cologne

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