Performance and digital art

Identity and perception beyond rules and normative specifications

(c) kristine-bento-monteiro-digital-mixed-media-on-canvas
(c) kristine-bento-monteiro-digital-mixed-media-on-canvas

The French performance artist Krisstine Bento Monteiro (KBM) brings herself into conversation on social issues with intensely colored performances, digital mixed-media images and installations. Krisstine Bento Monteiro is a versatile European artist, commuting between Portugal, France and Germany. For 30 years she has been involved with photography, video art, performance, installations and digital art. Since 2017 she has been responsible for the art management project: ARISTOKRASS. As an event manager and artist, she makes texts, digital art, photography, performance and installations. She also develops her art concept with an international network of artists and cultural workers. Her concept and that of her colleagues deal in particular with questions of social sexuality and thereby question role clichés. In a humorous and sensitive way, it enables a bridge between art and artists and the participating viewers.

(c) kristine-bento-monteiro-muskulatur-real-home
(c) kristine-bento-monteiro-muskulatur-real-home

The exhibition/performance "8 Rooms" is currently taking place from May 14 - 22, 2022 with your participation in the Pan-Museum Emmerich as part of the Klever Kultourtage.  The band “Stay King Pin”, will  perform at a charity concert at the PAN Art Forum on May 19, wanted to merge their performance with art in the museum into one common event.
The idea is setting up the PAN like a living room. Newly created boxes are furnished with art and offer to visitors a special living room atmosphere. On Saturday, May 14, 2022, Kristine Bento Monteiro will perform live at the vernissage.
Other participants in the exhibition include Flaca, a wheelchair-bound artist who creates wonderful, brightly coloured images on the computer - Beuys student Agii Gosse - street artist "Cuts an Pieces" - Matthias Hloucha, who transform chemical reactions into pictures.

May 14 - 22, 2022

Museum PAN kunstforum niederrhein
Agnetenstraße 2
46446 Emmerich am Rhein

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