Feminism and gender dialogue

Heinz Zolper. Damen-Kult         

Even the early ideas of European feminism proclaimed nothing else than human rights. Apparently self-evident is not only a black hole in the medieval notion of Arabic cultures, but also does not grow in our modern societies often  beyond the fig leaf attitude. Heinz Zolper is an artist who has dealt in detail with the subject of 'freedom and law' and especially 'female freedom'. With his artistic symbol of the "lady" he is working like hardly any other artist to raise awareness of a still unfulfilled need. His "lady" portraits and sculptures are standing for an intellectual and social stance that can permanently confer on his art the status of the avant-garde.

The art salon of lawyer and painter Jana Dettmer, Dettmer art projects Cologne, presented this special aspect of Zolper's work in cooperation with Winter Stiftung, Hamburg. Graphics, painting and sculptures are shown within this cabinet exhibition. A catalogue accompanies the exhibition.

Opening on thursday, 30.01.2020, 6 pm.  Exhibition January 30 - February 19, 2020.

KunstSt├╝cke by Dettmer art projects. Stammheimer Stra├če 15 (near botanic garden), 50735 Cologne



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