Artists Against Cancer

World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day is celebrated on February 4th every year. Its aim is to raise public awareness of the prevention, research and treatment of cancer.

Cancer affects us all, either directly or through the experiences of family members and those around us. Cancer is certainly not a modern disease, but in modern times the number of cancer cases has exploded. There are many reasons for this: above all fine dust and exhaust fumes, active and passive tobacco consumption, excessive alcohol consumption, pesticides, uncontrolled food production, but also obesity and lack of exercise. And in all of this there are genetic dispositions that can cause cancer to break out more severely.

Cancer affects us all

Preventing and fighting cancer is a task for society as a whole. Almost half of all cancer diseases could be avoided simply by making long-term changes in lifestyle (Nobel Prize winner Harald Zur Hausen). But this requires socio-political attention, as well as personal will and political flank protection. Things that are known should finally be implemented directly and not put off on the long bench - from one year to the next, from one electoral term to the next.

Against prejudice and taboos

Hardly any other disease is so overloaded with prejudices and taboos as cancer. As healthy people, we usually block out negative thoughts. What actually is cancer? How is it created? What happens in the body when cells multiply outside of the life plan? Cancer is a well-known disease, the name it still bears today was given to it by Hippocrates.

Cancer challenges us to fight, and even small advances should encourage us to keep going. Sometimes the struggle seems hopeless, but in many cases there are increasing opportunities. Not everything keeps what is promised, but hopes are justified. However, one thing is absolutely certain in the face of this elementary challenge: Life is unique, we should not treat it careless.

We are all affected and must face the danger, embrace and support the chances of a cure or a dignified life with cancer. Artists are in the public eye, and they in particular have the opportunity to call for public discourse. Dealing with the deadly threat is also a commitment to life and to the way we would like to live. These considerations already belong to the basic principle of artistic creation. If not to promote communication, what shall be the task art? With the "Artists Against Cancer" campaign, the Winter Foundation, together with the art project  "Reconciliation of Values/Versöhnung der Werte" , is initiating new thinking about the life-threatening disease of cancer and calling for greater personal awareness.

(c) project artists against cancer
(c) project artists against cancer
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