Reconciliation of values ​- Versöhnung der Werte

In cooperation with Winter Stiftung and Artforum Culture Foundation, the project Reconciliation of Values ​​has started under the artistic direction of Heinz Zolper. In a time of disputes and fake news, the project would like to offer a culture platform for social interaction in love and respect. The project Reconciliation of values ​​wants to address consciously emotions and to stimulate thoughts. The project is about recognizing what are the connections between different ways of thinking and cultures - to encourage new and better social behaviour. Artists, private individuals, decision-makers from society, politics and business - they are all invited to get involved and become part of the project. Therefore the project thrives on the diversity of participation. It is precisely the diversity of people and, especially, other projects that feel committed to these goals ​​can contribute to the reconciliation of values.

Zolper. Versöhnung der Werte (Zolper. Vesöhnung der Werte (Reconciliation of Values). Artforum Editions), Liebe. ArtForum Editions
(c) Zolper. Vesöhnung der Werte (Reconciliation of Values), Liebe. ArtForum Editions

We are convinced that a greater openness to foreign ideas can open mind and soul to an understanding of other values. We are confident that a mutual effort to show spiritual, moral and material appreciation will help to resolve confrontations. Reconciliation of values ​​can only become a reality by being accommodating. The inviolability of human dignity, mindfulness and respect - these are the parameters and the irrevocable rules that can create and secure a balance in society.

Zolper. Vesöhnung der Werte (Reconciliation of Values). Artforum Editions
(c) Zolper. Vesöhnung der Werte (Reconciliation of Values), edition box. Artforum Editions

An edition box by Heinz Zolper with 12 graphics has been published by ArtForum Editions. The results will initially support the non-profit project. The subscription price for Edition B is 1,800 EUR. Price from 01.02.2021: 1.980 EUR. 

If you like to work for a more livable society and to support the basic goals of the project: Please, purchase the edition or donate directly to our donation account. We are happy to welcome you.

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