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Making an endowment or donation is a source of pleasure and is beneficial

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Every donation helps. Donation is tax deductible.

In recent years, the foundation landscape has been steadily growing and becoming more diverse. Of their own free accord, foundations are assuming functions, which are increasingly relieving the burden on the state and municipal authorities. This activity is promoted in the form of tax incentives, since donations and endowments are tax deductible.
On request, we will be delighted to provide you with a charitable donation or endowment receipt. We guarantee a 100% use of your donation for charitable purposes in accordance with our statutes.


The use of conventional social security systems and purely government funds to manage the challenges that our society is now faced with due to demographic changes, is no longer possible.
Declining state contributions stand out in stark contrast to the constantly growing tasks – particularly in the social and cultural fields. Art and culture, however, are vital factors for human development, for society and not least for economic wealth.

One of the possible solutions is civic involvement in taking over tasks in the social environment. We are all going to have to adjust to more personal responsibility and a stronger self-reliant shaping of our areas of life in the future.In this regard, the Winter Foundation would like to make a contribution.

Individual endowments, annual contributions or legacies enable successful work      

A main key task is the provision of funds. In order to fulfil cultural and social tasks, financial resources, voluntary work are necessary. Apart from the initial funding, considerable contributions from endowments and donations are necessary in order to fulfil our foundations’ purpose. Of course, the founder is leading by example. Beyond this, however, it does help to receive additional contributions for current and future tasks. A classical way of achieve this is fundraising, i.e. the procurement of funds in the form of services for money or non-cash benefits. We would be delighted to discuss with you the possibilities and advantages of your corresponding involvement. Your individual endowments, annual contributions or legacy schemes do not only support our charitable projects in cultural and social areas, but also provide you with not inconsiderable tax incentives, an enhanced image, the advantages of an economic and cultural network – let alone a high degree of individual satisfaction. See also information on GoPublic-stiftungsberatung.org.

For any requests or enquiries please send us an email: winterstiftung (at) web.de

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