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Winter Foundation I Winter Stiftung
Art, Culture, Social Involvement

The Winter Foundation was established in 2010 as a fiduciary trust.

It is based in Hamburg.

The founding donor is the physicist Dr. Norbert Winter, who has held positions on the boards of major insurance companies.
It is his scientific research work, his work as a visual artist and his social commitment that form the fundamental principles for the realisation of the foundation’s goals.

The foundation pursues diverse, charitable goals, including:
• developing a thematically structured collection of modern and contemporary art,
• promoting professional artists,
• supporting independent projects,
• promoting museum-related tasks,
• bringing art and culture to within reach of wider sections of the population, and
• expanding the presentation of art in companies and social institutions.

The foundation’s executive organ is the board of directors, with Dr. Norbert Winter as chairman of the board. The foundation is represented on a trust basis by Dr. Sigrid Mensing, Hamburg. It receives advice in the execution of its tasks from an advisory council.
On 27th December 2010 the foundation’s charitable status was recognised by the competent authorities, the Tax Office in Hamburg North. This status is currently confirmed.

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