Manifesto: Remember the Future

Shaping the present and the future The future is catching up with us. Developments that can be described as apocalyptic have leveled off in a little more than a year in rare dimensions and severity: a dangerous viral disease as a pandemic, heat waves and fires worldwide, heavy rain and tidal waves. Political and economic upheavals also appear as disturbing accompanying music. Under such circumstances, shaping the future is not

Vasarely Exhibition Thessaloniki

On the occasion of the 5th Art Thessaloniki by HelExpo | Tsatsis in November 2021 Art Thessaloniki presents an important exhibition with works by Victor Vasarely. Vasarely (* 1906 in Pécs, † 1997 in Paris) – is considered one of the “fathers” of the Op Art movement. The exhibition takes place as part of the cultural partnership with the Osten Museum, Skopje. Op Art works with the principle of optical

Jana Dettmer – Art of liberation

Jana Dettmer is an interesting woman who, as a mother, lawyer and artist, has managed to convey a special view of the world. As an artist, she complements the well-known spectrum the monochrome with new facets. She deals in particular with the aesthetic, psychological and philosophical meaning of colours. So, each painting becomes an experiment, to show what pure painting is capable today: visual poetry that can be experienced.   Colour is the dominant

Augmented Reality Biennial

Interact with digital works of art in real time using your own smartphone or tablet. The world’s first Augmented Reality Biennial will open on August 22, 2021 in Düsseldorf (with satellite projects in Cologne and Essen). With the help of the “AR Biennale” app, street signs can be scanned.  The NRW-Forum in Düsseldorf gives  with this unique project AR art a prominent platform. From now on, every two years the

3rd OSTRALE Biennial

3rd OSTRALE Biennale. International exhibition of contemporary arts of the OSTRALE center for contemporary art. Given the ecological, social and economic dynamics of the last decade, it is becoming increasingly clear that the imperative of constant growth and development is no longer a sustainable vision for our future, if we want one at all. At the beginning of a new, post-pandemic era, the OSTRALE is now hopefully researching in 2021 how we can coexist with our fellow human beings, animals and our complex environment. (Winter Stiftung Hamburg)

Honour for artist Heinz Zolper

    Heinz Zolper has rendered outstanding contribution to art and culture in Germany and internationally for decades. His early contacts and cooperation with famous movie stars, sports and popular culture are particularly noteworthy. His contact and collaboration with Andy Wahrhol, who greatly appreciated Zolper’s independent contribution to pop culture, is legendary. The Winter Foundation congratulates the artist on being honoured by the President of the Federal Republic of Germany.

FATA MORGANA: Monika von Eschenbach & Jana Dettmer

The exhibition FATA MORGANA at art scene salon Dettmer art projects, Cologne/Germany, presents works by the artists Monika von Eschenbach and Jana Dettmeras an dialogue of photography and painting. Both are professional artists and successful as well as architect (Eschenbach) respective as lawyer (Dettmer). Fata Morgana generally means a phenomenon of reflection, which is suitable to deceive our senses with illusions. It touches the delicate line between reality and imagination.

Manifesto Against Hate

Against the spread of hate Hate can release energy and create a great negative identity. But this feeling never creates anything without destroying at the same time. One of the great tasks of art and culture is to give people the opportunity for self-reflection and to pay attention to foreigners. This is only possible through the freedom of the arts and this should not be underestimated. Art and culture are

Reconciliation of values ​- Versöhnung der Werte

In cooperation with Winter Stiftung and Artforum Culture Foundation, the project Reconciliation of Values ​​has started under the artistic direction of Heinz Zolper. In a time of disputes and fake news, the project would like to offer a culture platform for social interaction in love and respect. The project Reconciliation of values ​​wants to address consciously emotions and to stimulate thoughts. The project is about recognizing what are the connections between

Peter Jacobi – Retrospective MNAC Bucharest

A solo exhibition is dedicated to Prof. Peter Jacobi, sculptor and conceptual photo artist, at MNAC Bucharest. At the end of his world career, the retrospective exhibition, which also contains new sculptures and photographic works, represents a renewed appreciation of one of the most important Romanian-German artists of our time. His famous memorial for the victims of the Holocaust in Romania in Bucharest (2009) commemorates the victims of the fascist