Foundations as effective actors in civil society

Hamburg foundations - Frontrunner in Germany

(c) Hamburger Stiftungstage
(c) Hamburger Stiftungstage

Hamburg is an economically prosperous city. The Hanseatic city is also the frontrunner in Germany in terms of commitment to foundations, because no other state has as many foundations per 100,000 inhabitants. Founding has a long tradition in Hamburg: the oldest Hamburg foundation was founded in 1227. Even today, foundations are effective actors in civil society who implement charitable projects, help to solve social problems, supporting cultural tasks and shaping the future.

The Stiftungsbüro Hamburg is a cooperation project of Hamburg foundations to make the work of Hamburg foundations and the idea of ​​the foundation visible to society. As a communication and event office, the foundation office coordinates the theme days for Hamburg foundations and the Hamburg Foundation Days. Information about the Winter Foundation can be found on the website

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