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George DuBose - Biz Markie


HELP! – YOURSELF AND OTHERS. Corona, the coronavirus and its disease Covid-19 threaten humanity. Solidarity, respect and love are required like never before. The virus multiplies in the throat. While an infected person speaks or coughs, he drops droplets almost automatically. These fly about 1.5 to 2 meters (when sneezing even 4 – 5 meters) before it will fall slowly to the ground. The infection usually arises from inhalation of

Principle of the Evil

In the unprecedented publication “The Principle of Evil”, the author Orestis Safiriou and the painter Heinz Zolper explore the question about the roots of the evil and what meaning we can attach to it. This book is based on a common idea of both dating back to discussions started in the 1980s. The publication was made possible by the updated reedition of texts by the author, which have been preserved

Art Scene Greece

For the fourth time in November, the creators of the Greek art fair Art Thessaloniki seize the opportunity to demonstrate the unifying power of art. Especially in times of large migration movements – and Greece is one of the front states particularly affected – cultural exchange is of greatest importance. Contemporary art from the US, Eastern Europe, Italy, Turkey, the Middle East, and of course Greece, will be presented in a

George Dubose – Moscow Underground

As part of the first exhibition in Moscow, the legendary music photographer George DuBose will show portraits of rappers Afrika Bambaataa, Run-D.M.C., Mobb Deep, Rammellzee, Big Daddy Kane, The Notorious B.I.G. and others. The exhibition “Underground Hip-Hop” will open on April 20 with the support of IQOS and MSK Eastsige Gallery in ARTBasement on the -1 floor of the Tsvetnoy Department Store. Q: What is the difference between today’s music

ART THESSALONIKI 2017: Mediator of German and European art

In Thessaloniki, capital of Northern Greece, the international art fair will be realised for the second time.  Last year, works by the conceptual artist and photographer Heinz-Günter Mebusch were shown in cooperation with East-German Art project OSTRALE. In 2017 an icon of the Fluxus-movement: Wolf Vostell will be honoured with a museum show. His art has long been appreciated in Greece since its beginning. Art Thessaloniki has started not only as


Works by the music photo legend George DuBose are shown at the EXTRAVAGANZZA in Toulouse as part of a group show. The exhibition revives the eccentric lifestyle of the 1970s and 1980s. The exhibition EXTRAVAGANZZA unites 60 works by the most important photographers on rock and pop culture. Center Méditerranéen de l’image / Graph-CMI, Toulouse. October 2017

George DuBose - Biz Markie

George Dubose: Milao Musiki – I speak music

George DuBose Milao musiki – I speak music Photographs of Madonna, Biz Markie, Kanye West,  Artforum Artspace Athens, TAS Cologne On occasion of ArtForum Editions workshop April 2017

Astra-German Flag

Editors Choice

Editors Choice Heinz Zolper, Leon Fontana, A.P. Astra, a.o. Artforum Artspace Athens, TAS Hamburg March 2017

Michael Jansen-Red Grand Piano Moscow

Axcept: Michael Jansen

Axcept Michael Jansen: Composing music, art and electronics Introduction Prof. Bazon Brock Artspace Schlossstrasse Mühlheim an der Ruhr 18.2. – 31.4. 2017

Heinz Günter Mebusch-FAMOUS-monogtaph

Heinz-Günter Mebusch: Conceptual Artists Portraits

Heinz-Günter Mebusch Conceptual Artists Portraits Exhibition on occasion of the 15th anniversary of his death. Representing Ostrale on Art Thessaloniki December 2016 Art Thessaloniki International Contemporary Art Fair