Destruction of expectations

Jansen Michael MetroMusic Moscow ArtForum Editions 300x220 - Destruction of expectations

Jansen, Michael - MetroMusic Moscow, ArtForum Editions


Dear friends of art,
access to the exhibition is  possible after prior notification and agreement under the relevant hygiene protection regulations. 

Art friends are welcome to  contact the Dettmer art projects team  via email  . Of course you can contact anytime as usual the Winter Foundation  by email.

We hope you enjoy the art show
and above all good health.

Michael Jansen challenges new ways of seeing

Essential works by the artist Michael Jansen (* 1951) are presented in the art salon of our cultural partner KunstStücke by Dettmer I art projects in Cologne. The small show offers the viewer a good overview of the artist's extensive work:
Signs (as drawings and reliefs), OptiMystic vitamins (diaphane colour worlds), artificial landscapes, colour field painting and photographs. Unknown signs appear spontaneously and varied as drawings or reliefs. His series of OptiMystic Vitamins and Artificial Landscapes appeal to our senses and psyche. Examples of his colour field painting invite to meditation and historical reflection. Finally, in his photographs, Jansen combines different motifs, digital processing and substances into a different subject. Jansen challenges the viewer to a new way of seeing and thus makes him a partner in his art conception.

The art salon of the lawyer and painter Jana Dettmer, Dettmer art projects Cologne, invites after successful Zolper-exhibition all estimated art lovers to participate an insight into the work of an artist, who is also known for his important impulses to contemporary art. It is important to remember to his collaboration i.a. with Joseph Beuys (room 3 / All German post-war poetry ...), John Cage, Marina Abramovicz, Mike Hentz, his cross-over installations (soundscape, weather projects) or his appearances during the Documenta Kassel exhibitions in 1983 and 93. The present exhibition becomes possible thanks to private donors and to loans from the Winter Foundation. Few works are available to support the project. A catalogue accompanies the exhibition (15 EUR).

Vernissage Cologne, Thursday, February 27, 2020, 6:30 p.m.
The vernissage will be accompanied with music by Jumana Hamandouche (clarinet) and Marion Mick (accordion).

Exhibition February 28 - extended until May 28, 2020.
KunstStücke by Dettmer art projects. Stammheimer Straße 15 (near Botanischer Garten), 50735 Cologne


Feminism and gender dialogue

Heinz Zolper. Damen-Kult         

Even the early ideas of European feminism proclaimed nothing else than human rights. Apparently self-evident is not only a black hole in the medieval notion of Arabic cultures, but also does not grow in our modern societies often  beyond the fig leaf attitude. Heinz Zolper is an artist who has dealt in detail with the subject of 'freedom and law' and especially 'female freedom'. With his artistic symbol of the "lady" he is working like hardly any other artist to raise awareness of a still unfulfilled need. His "lady" portraits and sculptures are standing for an intellectual and social stance that can permanently confer on his art the status of the avant-garde.

The art salon of lawyer and painter Jana Dettmer, Dettmer art projects Cologne, presented this special aspect of Zolper's work in cooperation with Winter Stiftung, Hamburg. Graphics, painting and sculptures are shown within this cabinet exhibition. A catalogue accompanies the exhibition.

Opening on thursday, 30.01.2020, 6 pm.  Exhibition January 30 - February 19, 2020.

KunstStücke by Dettmer art projects. Stammheimer Straße 15 (near botanic garden), 50735 Cologne



Zolper: Magic of Painting

Zolper - New monograph of his paintings

Zolper GemäldeI Paintings monograph ArtForum Editions  300x285 - Zolper: Magic of Painting

Zolper - GemäldeI Paintings - monograph (c) Zolper I ArtForum Editions

The monograph "Heinz Zolper, magic of painting / or/ how it is to be yourself", with paintings from 1979 - 2019, has been published by ArtForum Editions. The book is available as a soft and hardcover edition. The first edition is numbered and signed. The first 50 copies are accompanied by a unique graphic by the artist, available at art bookstores or online at Winter Stiftung Hamburg.  The publication was supported by the foundation. The artist, who turned 70 this year, already has several paintings in the Winter Foundation's collection.
Heinz Zolper, a loner and artistic partner of different personalities such as Milva, Udo Kier, Mae West, Russ Meyer, Rainer Fassbender and Andy Warhol, is a renowned figural painter and crossover artist. Typical of his artistic statement is a philosophical approach with humoristic elements and historical references.
He became known as the creator of the "Dame" cult. The Dame, as an emblematic sign stylistically inspired by Matisse as well as by Warhol's Marilyn portraits, is often used as a recurrent element of his paintings, graphics and sculptures. With this figure he put early on an artistic landmark for the importance of women and gender equality.

Principle of the Evil

Zolper KAIN detail 1 - Principle of the Evil

Heinz Zolper: Kain - work series

In the unprecedented publication "The Principle of Evil", the author Orestis Safiriou and the painter Heinz Zolper explore the question about the roots of the evil and what meaning we can attach to it. This book is based on a common idea of both dating back to discussions started in the 1980s. The publication was made possible by the updated reedition of texts by the author, which have been preserved in the Artforum Archive since the end of the 1990s. The artist Heinz Zolper continued to contribute to the topic with almost large-scale works. The main focus is on the question why the evil and especially the evil are dynamized forces, while the good seem to remain in a static position. Both pursue this question of the principle of evil in different ways and provide intellectual and emotional insights into a system to which we can not escape - neither as an individual or as  society. In that spoint, they encourage us to take a position. They raise questions that not only put our personal lives to the test, but also stimulate reflection on the far-reaching decisions in politics, business and society and their benefits for man and nature.

The book is published on occasion of the 70.Birthday  of Heinz Zolper in a limited edition together with an attached graphic. Heinz Zolper, loner and artistic partner of such different personalities as Milva, Udo Kier, Mae West, Russ Meyer, Rainer Fassender or Andy Warhol, is an important figurative painter and crossover artist of his generation. Typical of the art of Zolper is a high philosophical claim and stylistically a mixture of different motifs with humoristic elements and historical references. The monograph "Zolper - Paintings I Paintings", based on texts of the same author, has already appeared on the occasion of this year's anniversary. Both publications have been published by ArtForum Editions, which also is responsible for the artist's graphic work body. Both publications are supported by Winter Foundation.


Kassel: Heinz-Günter MEBUSCH exhibition at DOCUMENTA Archive

Kassel: DOCUMENTA Archive shows artist portraits by Heinz-Günter MEBUSCH 

Once again, the documenta archive shows a treasure from its collection: The collection of photographs by Heinz-Günter Mebusch contains more than 200 artist portraits. In the exhibition 39 portraits of artists with a direct relation to the World Art Exhibition are shown. Mebusch dedicated his most extensive series of works to portraying outstanding artists of his time. It was created in the course of 20 years between 1979 and 1999 and was first shown at the Venice Biennale. Instead of a signature of the photographer, the prime portrait drafts bear the signature of the respective artist. 

(c) The Mebusch Estate I Artforum Culture Foundation

You can see the exhibition at the documenta archive until 3 August. There will be a public tour on July 30 at 5pm.
Photo shows Dr. Birgit Jooss, the director of the archive, in front of artist portrait drafts by Heinz-Günter Mebusch. 


With Women Between Buildings, the Kunstverein in Hamburg will be showing the most comprehensive solo exhibition of Nicole Wermers in Germany until May 6, 2018.

The artist works in sculptural series  and creates object worlds, which are taken from the profane everyday design. Functional elements become  ornament of a sociopolitical and historical engagement within the immediate environment  on the basis of the formal idiom of modernity as well as of the surrounding urban space.
The exhibition features works from the past 10 years, including Untitled Chairs from the 2015 Turner Prize nominated Infrastructure Exhibition, as well as two new sculptures created specifically for this exhibition. The artist appropriates herself semi-public places with an upside-down camera which gives the impression that she is walking on the blanket. Hotels, corporate lobbies and the CCH Hamburg are thus becoming enigmatic, interchangeable endless architectures. Women Between Buildings, this title is a reminiscent of the standard work on urban planning Life between Buildings by the Danish author Jan Gehl from the 1970s, in which he has written about responsibility in urban planning.
Nicole Wermers (* 1971 in Emsdetten, lives and works in London) studied with Sigmar Polke and Claus Böhmler at the College of Fine Arts in Hamburg and at the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. In addition to numerous other awards she was nominated in 2015 for the Turner Prize.

Until 06. may 2018
Kunstverein Hamburg

ART THESSALONIKI 2017: Mediator of German and European art

In Thessaloniki, capital of Northern Greece, the international art fair will be realised for the second time. 
Last year, works by the conceptual artist and photographer Heinz-Günter Mebusch were shown in cooperation with East-German Art project OSTRALE. In 2017 an icon of the Fluxus-movement: Wolf Vostell will be honoured with a museum show. His art has long been appreciated in Greece since its beginning.
Art Thessaloniki has started not only as a global art market place, but also as a mediator between north-south differences and especially between Europe and the oriental cultures.

Helexpo Thessalonik I Tsatsis Projectsi, exhibition grounds
23.11. – 26.11.2017

IAM Workshop 2017

International Art Moves

Presenting the young talents from art academies worldwide in Berlin

IAM Workshop 2017

For the fourthe time IAM international art moves cooperates with the Academy of Visual Arts of the Hong Kong Baptist University.

21.-25.8 2017 Devoloping exhibition project with Art Students in Hong Kong.

The exhibition will be realized from 2.-16.1. 2018

at the “Kunstquartier Bethanien” in Berlin.