OSTRALE Biennial opens in Valletta, Malta

On the invitation of this year’s European Capital of Culture Valletta, Malta, opening will take place on Friday, June 1st at the “Spazju Kreativ” in the St. James Cavalier.

Numerous German and international artists will be exhibited until July 29, which were also presented at the OSTRALE itself in previous years.
Works will be shown by:
Mavi Garcia / ES, Urban Grünfelder / AU / IT, Ekkehard Tischendorf / D / AU, Paolo Assenza / IT, Nathalie Bertrams, Daniel Kiczales / IL, Ulrike Mundt, Shahar Marcus / IL, Katerina Belkina / RU, Anka Lesniak / PL, Feng Lu / CN, Antka Hofmann, Karen Gäbler, Else Gold, Katrin King, Ran Slavin / IL, Philipp Gloger, Martin Müller / D, Annelise Bully / FR, Dmytro Pertyna / UA – and others.

The works were curated under the guideline of Pablo Picasso from “Guernica” (1937): … I was always convinced and still convinced that an artist who lives and deals with spiritual values, can not remain indifferent in the face of a conflict in which the highest values ​​of humanity and civilization are at stake.

The visual artist and composer Michael (Mike) Jansen has been working for a couple of years on work cycle simular to psychedelic images. These images are created in complex analogue and digital processes on canvas, paper and hard materials. Jansen, who has been dealing with medical questions practically and philosophically for decades, manages to fascinate the viewers with his creations and to introduce them in a hedonistic way into an effective healing process. The 1951 born artist, with visiting professorships at the University of the Arts in Bremen and the Center European d’Art Contemporain, Vallauris, Nice, became first known through his cooperation with Joseph Beuys (Art Museum Vaduz Lichtenstein) and John Cage.

Projects, exhibitions and acquisitions: i.a.. ‘Feuerkonzert’ elementary concerts Graz; ‘Orientexpress’, National Museum of People and Economics Düsseldorf, National Museum Samuel Brukenthal Sibiu (RO); Artist Association Malkasten Düsseldorf; ‘Missiles’; ‘My europe’ Berlin; ‘No Man’s Land’ Dusseldorf Weimar Barcelona Kampala; ExtraHart artist fair Art Cologne; ‘California Dreaming’, Kunstraum Schlossstrasse Mühlheim a.D.R., Galerie d ‘Hamé; ‘MetroMusic’ Miami (FL) Moscow; ‘Gulf Projects Dusseldorf, Athens, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Mumbai; Hangar Foundation Langen; ‘Opera Death’ Atatak Dusseldorf; Teahouse Music; ‘Colourfields’ London Satellite Frieze; Earth Music State Museum Düsseldorf, Lehmbruck Museum Duisburg; OptiMystic Vitamins.

The exhibitions are supported by Winter Foundation in:
Artforum Athens, Summer 2018, and
Artforum Artspace Thessaloniki, November 2018.


Migration is not a crime


Event on the occasion of the Deutscher StiftungsTag 2018
with discussion on the topic. Additionally with art samples from the collection inventory.

On 16.05.2018, on the occasion of the Deutscher StiftungsTag Winter Stiftung will continue its series "Art in everyday life", about the importance of cultural engagement. Selected works from the Winter Foundation's collection will be presented along with last year's donations; supplemented by some examples from private collections. Works i.a. by Nikos Engonopoulos, Michael Jansen, Heinz Zolper, Leon Fontana, Astra AP, Heinz-Günter Mebusch, Giannis Tsarouchis
A poster will is published

TAS of the Winter Foundation. Hamburg
16 May 2018, 15: 00-21: 00
Participation by appointment.




John Moore Photo Art - Exhibition

The photo artist, designer and sculptor John C.B. Moore (d.2016) was obsessed with form and color in the field of photography. For decades, he worked again and again and added  Colors and themes to imposing series of light images. At Artforum Artspace Paris, a non-profit temporary exhibition space, the subject of the story of Romeo and Juliet is standing for the artist's love for the people. Moore, the inventor of light performance in the legendary Crazy Horse, creates images of contemporary truth and timeless elegance.

The exhibition from 1 - 10 June 2018 will be accompanied by loans.

Artforum Artspace, Paris, near Center Pompidou, Marais




The Winter Foundation invites you to an exhibition and discussion panel about "Contemporary photography and its meaning within the arts". From the foundation stock  and loans from Dr. Winter Collection photo works by the artists Vera Isler, Heinz-Günter Mebusch and John C.B. Moore will be presented.

The exhibition takes place after reservation in the TAS of the foundation.

04. May 2018, from 16:00 clock