Jana Dettmer

Dettmer, Jana. Modular Mixtures Installation

Jana Dettmer – Modular Mixtures

The work of artists is always evolving, reflecting their personalities and expressing their inner beliefs. The painter Jana Dettmer has been […]

Female View of the World - Dettmer, von Eschenbach, Ruffert, Zieleke. Catalogue ArtForum Editions

Female View of the World

The artists Jana Dettmer, Monika von Eschenbach, Anne Ruffert and Corinna Zielke worked together as a group for the show:

(c) Monika von Eschenbach, Fata Morgana - Der verlassene Stuhl, detail

Artists Against Cancer

World Cancer Day is celebrated on February 4th every year. Its aim is to raise public awareness of the prevention,

Exhibition of the artists Monika von Eschenbach & Jana Dettmer

Monika von Eschenbach & Jana Dettmer

The exhibition FATA MORGANA at art scene salon KunstSt├╝cke by Dettmer (art projects, Cologne/Germany, presents works by the artists Monika

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