Monika von Eschenbach - Race - Box stop Monaco

Monika von Eschenbach

The art salon KunstStücke by Dettmer in Cologne presents a virtual exhibition with works by Monika von Eschenbach. The online

Monika von Eschenbach

Art as a mirror of soul and society

Our world lives from diversity and balance  Where monocultures emerge, they initially use only a few, but destroy our common livelihood.

George DuBose - Biz Markie


HELP! – YOURSELF AND OTHERS. Corona, the coronavirus and its disease Covid-19 threaten humanity. Solidarity, respect and love are required

Jansen, Michael - MetroMusic Moscow

Destruction of expectations

PLEASE NOTE: Dear friends of art, access to the exhibition is  possible after prior notification and agreement under the relevant

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Foundations as effective actors in civil society

Hamburg is the frontrunner in Germany in terms of commitment to foundations. The Stiftungsbüro Hamburg is a cooperation project of Hamburg foundations to make the work of Hamburg foundations and the idea of ​​the foundation visible.

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